Friday, 1 March 2013

The Last Letter-- Part-II

Priyansh sat opposite to her and Shanaya glared at him blankly not knowing how to react next. It’s been 5years since he had left and from then, they never met again. Their paths never crossed each other, as Priyansh had decided. Unlike today. He never thought of coming across her, not this way, this place. Shanaya, lost in her own world of happiness, never gave it much thought but deep inside, she missed her best friend, she missed Priyansh.
“I thought you were as talkative as before, but all you are doing is to ogle at me. Do I look bad?” said Priyansh casually. As if they had never parted, as if they were the same old besties.
“uh? Oh yeah, Sorry. And I have turned out to be more talkative these days I guess, so don’t worry I am not going to bore you. And about looks? You have grown old.” Shanaya winked and laughed. He saw her smiling and he smiled seeing her sparkling face after years and that soothed his pain like never before. There was awkwardness between them, yet they shared words and laughed their heart out reliving those good days and remembering their school friends. In between the talks, Priyansh kept looking at her face, her eyes, the smile, the chirpy voice that he had been missing all these years. Shanaya caught his stare and moved her eyes and blushed like a kid.
After their dinner, Shanaya got back with her book and Priyansh tuned into his playlist and there was a silence between the two again.                                                                                                                                  “So, what’s going on in your life?” said Priyansh, breaking the wry silence.                                                             “Nothing much. Good as always. Getting Married next week and going for a short holiday with Rishab before our marital status change.” She said with an excitement but then turned conscious with her words looking at him.                                                                                                                                         “whoa. Great. Congratulations to both of you and wish u all the happiness in the world.” He said with a fake smile. Rishab didn’t expect it certainly, and his wounds seemed new and fresh all over again. The pain was even more intense. He looked away from her, looked out of the window trying to ignore the words that were ringing in his ear.. “ Getting married next week…”                                                                      “What about you, by the way? What’s going on in your life?” Shanaya asked him excitedly trying to change the cloudy mood. “ Me? Ah! Having a good job, a good salary, a big house to live in and same routine every day. Sounds good. Isn’t it?” he smiled at her sarcastically.                                                             “wow Mr. Richie Rich, sounds cool. Girls must be drooling over you. Any Girl Friend?” Shanaya was happy and excited but she must have not expected such a reply.                                                                 “No, I forgot to add, an empty life with a heart already filled with love. Love for my Shanaya. I am done with my share of love.” He smiled at her innocently.                                                                                                   She looked into his eyes, for the first time since their sudden meet, she couldn’t smile back.  She did not expect it. Wishing him good night, she placed herself comfortably on her berth and closed her eyes. She remembered all those days she had spent with Priyansh, she remembered how strong their bond was and how every single second, they dedicated to each other. She realized life has changed for her and she has moved a lot far but somewhere Priyansh was still loving her silently, just like before. With thoughts clouding her mind, slowly she fell asleep. The night came to an end but the impact of the night was still there. Shanaya’s sleep was disturbed by the different irritating sounds on the train and she woke up realizing, her destination was quite near. Opening her eyes, she started looking for Priyansh on the berths beside but she couldn’t find him. He was no where near to be seen. Her face dropped of disappointment. Something struck her suddenly. It was a white folded sheet placed over her luggage.  It was a letter. A letter from Priyansh.
I never thought I would come across you again in my life, not this way at least. Though I missed your presence in my life, I had decided to stay away. Your company added happiness to my life, added colors to it. My life seemed complete in those days when I was your one and only partner- with whom you shared your tears, smile, laughter, joy and every single thing. I never thought of being without you, I never thought I would lose you someday. I know, I was being a fool but I could never imagine you with someone else and so I never did. When you told me about Rishab, I couldn’t stand those words but I knew you loved him a lot and you were happy. Your happiness always mattered to me and so I decided to go away from you. I left with a heavy heart but somewhere I knew you would miss me as I had left you with enough memories. I was afraid to look back and so I never came back and never let our paths cross. Today, fate brought me back to you but not for any good. I won’t say I am happy to know that you are getting married but am happy to see you happy with him. You were excited to know about my love life. I would say, am happily in love with you and I don’t mind doing that. I never stopped loving you and I never will. We promised to be there for each other forever no matter what. But, we both broke the promise. I left you and you never needed me. Life has moved on for both of us but my love is still the same, fresh and new. But I always preferred your happiness and I still do. I wish you a happy married life with Rishab and I wish to never meet you again because I still cannot imagine you with anyone else. On the last day of our exam, I wrote you a good-bye letter and believed it was the last one. But today am writing again to you, and I promise, this will be the “last letter” from me to you. I bid you a final good-bye. You look cute while sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb your sleep. I am leaving, all over again. We are departing, all over again. And yeah, I love you, just like before. Take care
“Your” Priyansh.

Shanaya wiped her tears that were flowing down from a long time. She looked up and the train had already reached the station. Keeping the letter safely inside her bag, she walked towards the door and saw Rishab standing there and waiting for a glance of her. She saw him grin widely and just as the train stopped, they ran to each other and Rishab hugged her tightly and her happiness was beyond limits again. Comforting herself in his arms, she wiped the last tear drop and smiled like a little kid who had found a chocolate factory. Rishab held her hand and started narrating his plans excitedly. Shanaya was back to her world of happiness and hopped and laughed with Rishab describing her own plans. Things went on… But the journey surly had an impression on her.. 


  1. sayantini... this was very very nice, close to CANT LOVE LOVE of mine, you got me back memories of a person long lost...